Dog Physiology and dog sports

Dog Physiology and dog sports

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2021-09-26 Carmen Heritier 688_DxO

Dog Physiology and dog sports

"Functional anatomy" sounds very dry and rather daunting at first. But what lies behind it is enormously important for dog owners, trainers and physiotherapists alike.

This webinar deals with the dog's body structure and the associated structural strengths and weaknesses. Knowing these is immensely important for any activity with a dog, because this explains, for example, the supposed stubbornness in trick training, the pole throwing in agility or the reluctance to retrieve balls on the walk. What's more: if you know about your dog's physical weaknesses, you can specifically prevent signs of wear and tear such as arthrosis. With the help of many photos and videos, a wide variety of dogs are examined from front to back, bringing a lot of colour into this rather theoretical topic. Ideal for anyone who wants to take a closer look at the physique of dogs.

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